I bring a unique combination of skills to our work together that let’s you dig deep, fast. From day one, we get right into action. You’re supported by my entrepreneurial leadership skills, my insights as a serial reinventionist and my mindfulness training. Reinvention fueled by the inner-knowing and clarity you find in this way will be more authentic and more achievable than you’ve imagined.

And we go deep. This is your whole life we are bringing into brilliance.  So, let’s get started creating the vision and the true prosperity of spirit you’re seeking.

There are several ways we can work together:

One-to-one Coaching or blended Coaching/Consulting for individuals and businesses—

Are you normally capable of doing everything—but right now you feel as though you can’t do anything? You feel like there’s vaseline on your brilliant vision goggles and everything looks foggy? Do you feel like the rug has been snatched out from under you by illness, divorce, bankruptcy or…?

Is it time to tell your internal critic to take a hike and watch you fly?

Then one-to-one coaching may be the answer: This work is designed to help you create a more rewarding life, while the blended coaching and consulting approach merges mentoring and coaching to get the entrepreneur unstuck and your business into the black.

Culinary Team Building Programs for businesses and non-profits —

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner, a creative and a natural risk-taker with a mission—but lately you feel you’ve lost your way?

Do you have a sense that the leaders in your company don’t have open, healthy lines of communication with their team?

Or are you feeling that your employees could be more engaged and productive if they felt freer to be their best?

Culinary Team Building could be just what your team needs—this unique team building experience utilizes my culinary techniques and coaching strategies to help companies and non-profits build unity while breaking down barriers to communication and collaboration.

Coaching workshops and retreats: Reinvent Yourself; Your Personal Path of Awakening, is coming up in January of 2017 in either Mexico or Puerto Rico—I’ll be posting final information in my blog!

Does any of this sound like the reason you’re looking at this site or why you’re considering hiring a coach?
If you’re done settling and are ready to claim the juicy, dynamic life and career you were born for—Let’s do this. Let’s take some outrageous, courageous steps to create a life based on your dreams—aligned with what you know to be true about yourself. This is your time!

To get clarity about which work is best for you now, why not apply for a free 45-minute consultation?

IMG_8483-Edit-smWhether you are interested in one to one coaching or culinary team building, we start with a free, 45-minute strategy session.  It’s complimentary and confidential. We look at where you are now and where you want yourself or your business to grow. You’ll  leave the call with concrete tools and insights. If we’re a fit, we’ll set up our work from there.

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