Clients get tougher about not settling. They become much more aware of the negative voices that are sometimes piloting their ship— right into the ground. They learn to tell those limiting voices to go to hell.

My clients get healthier, they eat better, they lose weight. They buy out a partner who was sabotaging their business; they realize that they want an entirely different career than the glamorous one they’ve got. They get the support they need to become masterful in their career; they double or triple or quadruple their income.

Through the coach-client interaction, there’s a unique opportunity for my clients to get clarity about their deepest values, skills and desires. Those become the wise, beautiful benchmarks by which they learn to make choices moving forward.

There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening
that is translated through you into action,
and there is only one of you in all time.
This expression is unique, and if you block it,
it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost.
The world will not have it.
~Martha Graham

I completed UCLA, with a major in theater arts and the diploma course at La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris. I stayed on to work as a chef in France for several years.

In America, I have owned and a operated a series of small-to-medium ($3 million/year) businesses; written nationally released books; taught hundreds of classes and become a damn good businesswoman, cook and writer.

I’ve been trained and accredited by the leaders in the coaching field: CTI and ICF. And I’ve “been there done that as an entrepreneur.

But I offer much more than that. I provide a unique blending of coaching insights, mindfulness life skills, massive intuition, IEP impact training, and nutrition mentoring designed to provide custom support for each client. 

I specialize in a mindful approach to life and expose clients to simple mindfulness practices to enhance their personal and work life.

Clients have read about the remarkable new discoveries in neuroscience. For instance, how to re-wire your brain for happiness. We explore this work together.

When you are stressed, leading an out-of-sync life, it’s almost a guarantee that you are not caring for your health . Since this is core to feeling on top of your game and firing on all cylinders, I may call on my 30 years of experience as a chef and cookbook author, researching the mind-body connection, to offer mentorship to clients who want to improve their diet and lifestyle to create more vigor and health.

Research tells us that your non-verbal, Intentional Presence as a leader is responsible for creating 93% of your impact and communication. I utilize my IEP training to help clients build clarity and energy into the way they lead in their personal and professional lives.

I have trained as an intuitive with the gifted Nancy Schiebe; I have studied mindfulness, neuroscience and Buddhism with respected experts like Pema Chodron and Ron Siegel for the last 10 years. I have studied the IEP method and completed Lynne Twist’s True Prosperity program. I began my yoga studies with Indra Devi over 40 years ago.

In addition to my career as a coach, I have created and managed businesses that were a huge success practically before we opened the doors. And I’ve published books, without my heart in it, and seen them fizzle.

Every epic success and searing failure has taught me lessons I am eager to share with my clients.  One of my life missions is to make the path of the entrepreneurs and creative artists I work with as streamlined and empowered as my 30 years of experience can make it.

In service of my clients I have:

  • Founded and operated a restaurant, a catering company, a food manufacturing business and a photography studio
  • Authored three books from national publishers.
  • Taught hundreds of cooking classes in America & Europe
  • Been a jewelry designer
  • Been hired to write hundreds of recipes and articles about cooking, sustainable foods and entertaining for major international companies
  • Written a one-woman show, Le Grand Fromage, which I perform
  • In addition to writing and teaching, I have served as a spokesperson for a number of prestigious international companies both on television and radio and in print.

I have repeatedly defied the temptation to settle or play small—often in the face of ridiculous odds. And, mostly, it’s worked out. I have successfully followed my inner wisdom and re-invented myself and my career 4 times

This provides me with the skills and the passion to mentor you through your reinvention with energy and grace. I provide every entrepreneur or woman on the edge that I coach with the knowing that they, too, will create a successful, new chapter. It’s in the bag!

Some of my reinvention stories:

At 30, my mother died, my husband left me, I lost my home, I walked away from my jewelry business in despair. Someone stole my dog. Within a year and half I’d saved enough money waitressing to be able to go to cooking school in Paris (my true heart’s desire). From that kernel a powerfully successful career in food emerged.

At 50 I had what felt like a perfect life—and again it disappeared. My cherished second husband died, I couldn’t afford to keep our beachside home, my huge business went in the tank. I moved out of our affluent life into a tiny rental with no money, no career, no life.

I vividly recall chastising myself saying,”Who are you kidding”? You can’t create a whole new life/career/identity at 50. That’s impossible.” Then, out of desperation, I wrote my first book and that successful path slowly unfurled.

As you can see it was not impossible to recreate a life at 50. And neither has this next step into coaching and playwriting been impossible. It’s been right and possible and supported by my community with gusto.

Nothing is permanent. Life is a journey and you create from whatever shows up. Dreams aside—that’s the truth.

So now here I am, in my 60’s, fired up again and crystal clear about the next mission on my life’s path—to call forth my unique stew of life-wisdom, training and intuition to`support you as you take bold steps toward the successful career and life you can practically taste.

It’s so gratifying to merge my lifetime of education and experience in the two fields I love—coaching and cooking. I know that these skills provide the setting where real breakthroughs take place for colleagues who may have been walled-off— in a “rut”— forever.

My unique Culinary Team Building structure is the synergy of coaching, self awareness and communication skills along with teaching people how to create simple, delicious meals—as a team.  This is a testing ground for all of the projects they will have to handle and co-create to succeed at work.

I got into coaching because I wanted to help people lead larger, more fulfilled lives. To be able to help co-workers do this in their professional lives—while also learning to make delicious food? It doesn’t get any better than that!

If you are on the brink of big change—I’m the one for you.

IMG_8483-Edit-smWhether you are interested in one to one coaching or culinary team building, we start with a free, 45-minute strategy session.  It’s complimentary and confidential. We look at where you are now and where you want yourself or your business to grow. You’ll  leave the call with concrete tools and insights. If we’re a fit, we’ll set up our work from there.

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