The Culinary Team Building Program is a unique in-depth communication workshop for businesses and non-profits. I build on my experience as both a Culinary Expert and a Life Coach to create an exciting team building adventure utilizing a fast-paced cooking challenge. 

The culinary team building program is one of the best employee-development experiences available today. This program is highly effective for corporations, associations, boards of directors and clubs. Your group will definitely learn some cooking skills. But more importantly, they’ll discover how to get cookin’ as a team.

This program has been provided at locations around America. And I look forward to creating a custom-designed team building experience for your company. While each program is uniquely designed, they all have one thing in common—they build unity while breaking down barriers to better communication and collaboration. Businesses often report measurable growth in the following areas:

  • Clearer communication among team members and greater clarity about each individual’s goals and values.
  • Creating a sense of feeling valued by the company.
  • Increased level of trust.
  • Team members feel their ideas and abilities are valued by others.
  • Team members learn skills to lead from within.
  • Creating safe communication where team members know they can voice a concern.
  • Team members become aware of what is possible with authentic collaboration.
  • Team members see where their values align with other team members and the company.

Sur La Table

My Culinary Team Building Program goes above and beyond what you might expect and includes:

  1. An initial Discovery session to establish specific team goals and challenges.
  2. A 4 to 5 hour program of teambuilding exercises with hands-on team cooking.
  3. A shared sit down meal featuring the class preparations and more team building experiences.
  4. Follow-up one month later to review learning, assess growth and address remaining challenges.
  5. Wrap-up team report.


Pricing is based on group size, menu and objectives.

IMG_8483-Edit-smWhether you are interested in one to one coaching or culinary team building, we start with a free, 45-minute strategy session.  It’s complimentary and confidential. We look at where you are now and where you want yourself or your business to grow. You’ll  leave the call with concrete tools and insights. If we’re a fit, we’ll set up our work from there.

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