We know how powerful the mind-body connection is. Modern neuroscience is currently finding hard scientific proof for what traditional wisdom healers have always known: A strong body thriving on the right nutrition is the cornerstone of both physical vigor and mental balance.*
healthy-eating-heart-smThe Conscious Feast Bootcamp program includes an analysis of your eating and drinking patterns, recipes, resources and instruction about creating a vibrantly healthy, immune system-boosting diet and way of eating tailored to your lifestyle.  Learn how to maintain a healthy way of eating to support growth and balance in every aspect of your family’s life.

Six, 90 min sessions

*According to the Cleveland Clinic, eating probiotics in food helps lower the number of bad, inflammatory bacteria in your digestive system and thus prevent illness; it also assists in stabilizing the balance between good and bad bacteria especially after you’ve taken antibiotics and have cleared out most good bacteria. Some research has found that probiotics might improve mental health and fight depression.